Tweeddale Primary, Roof Replacement in 10 Days

Garland Technical Manager

Approved Contractor

  • Accurate Roofing

Tweeddale Primary School in Carshalton, Sutton, educates over 400 students in the local area, across two main buildings. 

Garland Technical Manager, Jack Costello, was instructed by the estate’s manager at the school to investigate the pitched roof sections of the school, to determine the cause of recent water ingress issues and discuss the best course of action to get the building in optimum condition in time for winter.

The main two-storey building had a combination of traditional roofing tiles and smaller sections of Decra metal tiles. Following a comprehensive roof condition survey, Jack identified that several of these pitched sections were beginning to display significant failures and would likely cause further disruption to the school.

Quick Facts

Garland System


The existing metal tiles had failed significantly, allowing moisture to enter into the roof system. Over time, this had caused the timber battens to rot which led to several of the tiles becoming dislodged, splintered and severely weakened. 

The original roof had inadequate falls along the eaves where the falls were far too shallow, causing poor drainage to the existing failed system and areas of ponding water. 

Given the extent of the damage discovered in the essential technical survey and roof condition report investigations, there was one clear solution for Jack to propose to the client, a complete strip of the existing system was the best course of action to take. 


Working closely with the building surveyor, Jack proposed a specification using the R-MER TILE ST system that combines the classic aesthetics of a traditional tile, with the high-performance characteristics of steel. An ideal waterproofing solution for the school, the original tile aesthetic could be retained and would require very little maintenance and protect the school for decades to come.

R-MER TILE ST is available in a wide range of profiles making it an ideal choice for matching with the school’s existing pitched tile roofs. 

Each profile is manufactured in lightweight steel sheets weighing under 10kg/m2, allowing for easy handling and rapid installation. 

One of the biggest limitations of a traditional roof tile is wind uplift which can rip tiles from the roof during poor weather conditions and storms. Due to the mechanical fixing used for the TILE ST panels, the system is able to withstand winds of up to 100mph making it ideal for harsh environments such as coastal properties.

This system was relatively new for the Garland Approved Contractor, Accurate Roofing, so regular site visits from the Technical Manager was imperative to provide assistance with the installation process. 

Overall the team working on the project were extremely impressed by the simplicity of the installation process, where the R-MER TILE ST was installed in just 5 days and the project was completed in 10. The school was delighted with the speed at which Garland was able to complete the project, meaning students could continue their classes with minimal disruption incurred.

This combined with a 25 year Single-Point Guarantee assured the school that the R-MER TILE ST waterproofing system was built to last, as they looked ahead to access their other roofing assets in the coming months.