Green Shield Extensive Green Roof Systems

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Green Shield systems provide the ultimate sustainable solution for your roofing assets

Combining our StressPly membrane systems with Green Shield extensive green roofing systems, specifiers can deliver long lasting waterproofing and multiple environmental benefits for both refurbishment and new build projects.

Design Considerations

Green Shield systems support a range of environmental initiatives, from building operational targets to optimising the overall building lifecycle

Net Carbon Zero

Green Shield can support a building’s net-zero carbon operational targets with the generation of on-site renewable energy and improved thermal efficiency.

Local Climate

Green Shield systems support your local climate design considerations, with flexibility across the range to factor in seasonal temperatures, rainfall, sunlight and shading.

Embodied Carbon

As a longer life system, Green Shield ensures that less carbon is required to make replacement parts or refurbishments, compared to other short-term roofing solutions in the market.

Thermal Efficiency

New-build or refurbishment projects can see an EPC rating uplift, thanks to the built up layers of Green Shield and the overall waterproofing system.

What are the advantages of green roofing systems?

With the breadth of environmental benefits that Green Shield has to offer, there are many advantages to be gained by incorporating a green roof system into your building design, addressing the important issues affecting the built environment today, such as energy consumption, stormwater management and urban heat island effects.

Designed with specifiers in mind, Green Shield’s high-performance range of green roof systems provide a new value to the role of buildings, reducing energy consumption, improving air quality, increasing rainwater retention and creating a visually appealing environment for the occupants.

Building Efficiency

Green Shield systems provide exception heat regulation helping to keep your building warm during the winter months and cool in the summer. In addition the layers of vegetation protect the underlying waterproofing systems extending the life of your roof.

Improved Air Quality

Green roofing systems reduce the impact of global warming by absorbing CO2 whilst the vegetation captures airborne particles from the local atmosphere which has a positive impact of the air quality improving health for the inhabitants.

Rainwater Retention

Green Shield systems play an important role in the urban environment by replicating the natural landscape, storing rainwater and reducing the rate of runoff entering the drainage system. Green Shield Storm Defence retains up to 80 l/m² of rainwater.

Find the right Green Shield system for you


Green Shield Sedum, is a standard build up for extensive green roofs with an attractive ‘back to nature appearance’. Benefitting from recycled elements, including the Floradrain FD 25-E® drainage and water storage element, Green Shield Sedum incorporates sustainable features that are also recyclable at the end of it’s natural life.

  • Lightweight
  • Ecological protection layer for the waterproofing system
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for flat and 8° slope roofs


Wildflower is a semi-intensive green roof, perfect for urban spaces requiring increased plant life. Offering a naturally beautiful finish, Green Shield Wildflower attracts a wide range of pollinating insects and birds with significant ecological benefits.

  • High drainage capacity
  • Wide choice and flexible flower options
  • Suitable for flat and 8° slope roofs

Storm Defence

Storm Defence is a blue roof system that helps to address how the changes in climate and the expansion of urban areas can affect a building’s water management. Specifically designed for flood control, Green Shield Storm Defence retains up to 80 l/m² of rainwater on a roof, before slowly releasing over a 24 hour period.

  • Hybrid benefits of green roof and stormwater management in one system
  • Stormwater builds up to a predetermined depth and drains at a desired maximum rate
  • Sedum carpet, rockery type plants or heather with lavender can be applied.


Green Shield Solar combines a green roof with PV panels, creating an ultra-sustainable roofing system. Engineered to mitigate the carbon footprint of a building, renewable solar energy is generated giving you the opportunity to significantly reduce overall energy consumption, with the additional benefit of a green roof absorbing further carbon emmissions from the atmosphere.

  • Hybrid benefits of green roof and PV panels in one system
  • Installation without roof penetration
  • Lightweight components
  • Quick and easy installation
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