Our Heritage

From humble beginnings in Ohio, USA,
we have been entrusted to protect roofing assets since 1895

Architectural Manager

Raising the bar

For over 100 years, The Garland Company, Inc. has continually advanced the development of our unique waterproofing products, setting the standard for a dedicated service package that has raised the bar for customers around the world.

Starting from humble beginnings in 1895, in Cleveland Ohio, USA, The Garland Company, Inc was founded by the Wise brothers, evolving from a local manufacturer and distributor of oils, greases and paints, into a $1B company producing high-performance waterproofing systems, worldwide.

With roofing divisions across America, Canada and the UK, The Garland Company, Inc has evolved into an industry leader of trusted roofing and building envelope systems.

Our Story

Garland UK was born from a desire to shake up the roofing industry.

From the foundations laid out by The Garland Company, Inc, we carry our heritage proudly across the Atlantic, to be the leading roofing experts in the UK, to produce innovative waterproofing systems and provide an unrivalled service to our customers, that could be relied upon.

Managing Director, Tim Jones, launched Garland UK in 2001 and has lived and breathed our way of life ever since. Staying true to our values, Garland UK has pioneered the waterproofing industry and grown from strength to strength, where we continue to work towards the same goal; to deliver on our promises and do the right thing for our customers.



“Watching the evolution of Garland UK over the years has been nothing short of amazing. Through the course of this journey, the business has undergone huge changes, but the core values of our business and company ethos have remained the same.

The customer is the most important part of our organisation, we work every day to serve them and will never stop raising the bar to be the best service-driven manufacturer in the industry.”

Tim Jones, Managing Director, Garland UK

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