Cold Applied Liquid Roofing Systems

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Roof coatings that maximise your return on investment

Liquid waterproofing systems that will enhance, repair and restore your flat roof, balcony or walkways.

Each system comes with its own unique benefits, from asbestos encapsulation, crack-bridging and reinforcing heavily trafficked walkways, through to fast installation, roof restoration and premium elastic coverage.


A tailored solution that is specific to your needs. Our Technical Managers work with you
to match your building’s specific requirements with your budget, every step of the way.


Cold-applied liquid coatings with superior crack-bridging qualities. Each liquid system can be tailored to strengthen and waterproof a failing roof as part of a refurbishment project


Liquid coatings are an ideal choice for failed waterproofing systems with complex roof structures. Our liquid membranes are fast curing and improve your building’s energy efficiency

New Build

Offering a smooth and modern aesthetic for new-build projects, liquid coatings are a popular choice for architects, providing elastic coverage with hard wearing surfaces

Looking to reduce your energy bills and improve the impact of your building on the environment?

Incorporate our Solarise PV energy systems into your waterproofing system to reduce the operational carbon of your building.

Whether it is for generating electricity or for heating and hot water applications (solar thermal), there are significant environmental benefits to be gained by incorporating a PV panel system into your building’s roof design.

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The Dura-Coat cold applied liquid waterproofing system provides a fast curing elastic solution for a wide range of applications. Based on unique polyurethane modified methyl-methacrylate (MMA) resins allows for quick installation even in low temperatures.

  • 20 year Single-Point Guarantee
  • Highly resistant to UV damage and temperature variations
  • Rapid curing in as little as 30 minutes
  • Crack-bridging properties


Dura-Walk is a walkway and balcony waterproofing system, designed to withstand high impact and heavily trafficked areas.

  • 15 year Single-Point Guarantee
  • Excellent crack-bridging properties
  • Highly impact and puncture resistant


White-Knight is a versatile liquid-waterproofing membrane that maintains, restores, and upgrades the performance of single-ply, metal, asbestos or modified roof systems.

  • Up to 25 year Single-Point Guarantee (dependant on substrate)
  • BBA certified
  • Chemical resistance
  • Simple application process


Liqui-Zero is an odourless two-component liquid waterproofing membrane made with zero solvents, specifically designed for application in sensitive environments.

  • 20 year Single-Point Guarantee
  • Zero-flame application 
  • Odourless
  • Solvent-free
  • High tensile strength
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