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White-Knight is a versatile liquid-waterproofing membrane that maintains, restores, and upgrades the performance of single-ply, metal, asbestos or modified roof systems.

White-Knight benefits from polyurethane technology and can be specified as an ideal solution for asbestos encapsulation, where it can be used to coat an entire roof or used in isolated areas as a repair material for maintenance applications.

For exceptional strength, this high-performance system is often used as a coating in conjunction with Garland’s GarMat fibreglass reinforcement.

  • Up to 25 year Single-Point Guarantee (dependant on substrate)
  • Chemical resistance
  • Simple application process


Metal & Asbestos Encapsulation

White-Knight’s liquid applied protection barrier over metal seams and fasteners will stop leaks and create a waterproof barrier. An efficient method of encapsulating asbestos roof structures, White-Knight is also an economical solution that mitigates asbestos disposal costs

Bituminous Membrane Systems

By isolating the roof from the elements, the fully reinforced system provides long-term waterproof protection and minimal maintenance, replacement and disposal costs.


The high-performance coating bonds directly to the membrane, forming
a durable layer of defence against moisture, UV light, impact, chemicals and standing water to extend the life of the roof.


GarMat is a full strand reinforcing mat made from cut fibreglass fibres. Laid in a loose and random pattern before being bonded with a powdered and high solubility resin binder, GarMat has been specifically engineered for seam and detail reinforcement.

Providing excellent fibre distribution, GarMat’s weight uniformity means that it maintains outstanding dry handling and tensile properties.

Case Study

Frimley Business Park

Frimley Business Park had been experiencing water ingress issues, as the unfortunate result of a failing single-ply system.

With awkward detailing around plant penetrations and several AC units situated on the roof, the White-Knight system was the perfect partner to provide an optimum waterproofing solution.


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