Garland Single-Point Waterproofing Guarantees

Our Single-Point Guarantees give you peace of mind, with no hidden surprises

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When Guarantee means Guarantee

We remove any doubt or concern, by accepting the full liability for the design, material and quality of the installation workmanship on every Garland UK project. In the unlikely event of a fault, Garland UK will rectify any issue, quickly and effectively, without charge.


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What makes us different?

We have heard it time and again, where all too often a building owner is left in a situation where the product manufacturer and installer are in disagreement on who is at fault. Neither is willing to accept responsibility and the building owner foots the bill, well within the system’s guarantee period.

We take away this doubt by accepting the liability for the design, material and quality of installation workmanship by our network of Approved Contractors.

In the unlikely event of a fault, we will rectify your issue, quickly and effectively, without charge.

100% Employee Owned

Garland UK is a 100% employee-owned subsidiary of Garland Industries, making us one of the oldest and most financially stable manufacturers in the construction industry.

Why our Single-Point Guarantee?

Our PartnerCare service ensures that you only need to speak to your dedicated Technical Manager to access the single-point guarantee and get your matter resolved, regardless of whether the defect is design, material or workmanship related.


  • Design, System and Installation liability covered
  • Garland UK take 100% ownership of the issue
  • Complete customer peace of mind
  • A quick and clear process to repair if a fault arises
  • Up to 30 year coverage

Compare our high performance waterproofing system guarantees

Garland Waterproofing SystemSystem Type
Single-Point Guarantee Length
StressPly SignatureBituminous Membrane
30 Years
R-MER LOC (Aluminium)Standing Seam Metal
30 Years
StressPly Flex PlusBituminous Membrane
25+5 Years
StressPly Defender PlusBituminous Membrane
25+5 Years
White-KnightCold Applied Liquid
25 Years*
StressPly FlexBituminous Membrane
25 Years
20+20 Years**
R-MER CLAD (Steel)Metal Cladding
20 Years
R-MER COMPOSITEMetal Composite System
20 Years
R-MER LOC (Steel)Standing Seam Metal
20 Years
StressPly EvolutionBituminous Membrane
20 Years
Dura-CoatCold Applied Liquid
20 Years
StressPly SABituminous Membrane
20 Years
Dura-WalkCold Applied Liquid
15 Years
*maximum guarantee
** R-MER TILE ST 20 year Single-Point Guarantee, followed by an additional 20 year diminishing guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Waterproofing guarantees can often seem complicated.

We’ve taken every step to simplify our policies and answer the most common quesitons.

If you still have any questions please contact your Garland Technical Manager.

How do I apply for a Single-Point Guarantee?

Once your project has been completed on-site and has been signed off by your dedicated Technical Manager, they will personally arrange all paperwork to produce your guarantee certificate.

You will receive your Guarantee certificate via email and a copy will be digitally stored in your RAMP account for future reference.

Does the Single-Point Guarantee cover design liability?

Yes. Garland UK produces bespoke specifications for each and every project, so in the unlikely event of a roof system failure due to improper design, Garland UK will accept full responsibility and rectify the issue immediately.

Does the Single-Point Guarantee cover labour and materials?

Yes. The guarantee includes labour, materials and all associated costs. If the original Approved Contractor who carried out the work is no longer trading, then we will commission another Garland Approved Contractor to carry out the works.

If a complete roof system needs to be replaced, then we will ensure to use a Garland UK waterproofing system of equal or improved performance.

Is the Single-Point Guarantee backed by Garland UK or Garland Industries?

Garland UK is a 100% owned subsidiary of Garland Industries, therefore all liabilities are the responsibility of Garland Industries.

Does the Single-Point Guarantee cover against consequential loss?

Yes. All Garland UK Guarantees, no matter their duration, protect against consequential loss. This includes damage incurred to the building and contents as a result of the failure of products supplied by Garland UK, up to a value of £200,000.

Additionally, financial consequential loss as a result of business interruption is also covered, up to a value of £200,000.

I’ve discovered a problem with my roof, what do I do?

In the unlikely event of a fault, all you need to do is reach out to your dedicated Technical Manager and notify them of the issue. They will handle all processes for you and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Our guarantees are issued based on the system being installed by one of our Approved Contractors. Therefore works carried out by a non-approved contractor may void your warranty.

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