Architectural Manager

The R-MER TILE ST system combines the classic aesthetics of a traditional tile, with the high-performance characteristics of steel.

Ideal for complete roofing restoration or new-build projects, R-MER TILE ST is often used as a replacement for traditional tiling. A mechanically fixed lightweight alternative that can be installed on tiling battens, R-MER TILE ST is also the perfect solution for flat to pitch conversions and asbestos encapsulation projects.

With minimal to no maintenance required, R-MER TILE ST is also incredibly simple to install and is 30% faster than traditional tile installations. The overall carbon footprint of the system is dramatically reduced, thanks to its 100% recyclable qualities and long-term lifespan.

Available in a range of profiles and colour options, R-MER TILE ST offers superior performance and durability with unparalleled strength and aesthetics making it the first choice for any lightweight roofing project.


  • 20+20 year Single-Point Guarantee
  • 100% recyclable
  • Rapid installation
  • Panel sizes up to 8.4m


A tailored solution that is specific to your needs. Our Technical Managers work with you, to match your building’s specific requirements with your budget, every step of the way.

R-MER TILE ST Asbestos

Asbestos encapsulating

A fast, safe and far cheaper alternative to the costly removal of asbestos, R-MER TILE ST is an ideal system of choice to safely manage asbestos areas. Encapsulating a roof ensures the project can be completed efficiently, without the need to manage hazardous waste.

R-MER TILE ST Conservation


The range of R-MER TILE ST colourways and finishes makes the system a popular choice for conservation projects. Suitable for heritage buildings and listed sites, R-MER TILE ST complies with a series of planning stipulations, matching the aesthetics of a traditional tile, whilst improving the building’s overall thermal performance.

R-MER TILE ST Flat to Pitched

Flat to pitched conversion

Completely transforming the look of a building, RMER-TILE ST can be used in flat to pitched roof conversions. The installation of a pitched metal frame provides extra space in the roof cavity, increasing useable space or to improve a building’s thermal performance with additional insulation.

Profiles & Colours

With 6 profiles to choose from and a comprehensive selection of colours,
R-MER TILE ST can be used for a wide range of applications and conservation projects.



Project Support

Complex roofing and construction projects always present huge challenges to building owners, surveyors and designers. At Garland UK our team of Technical Managers are on hand to provide expertise and support during all phases of your projects. From initial surveys and feasibility reports to design specifications and installations, we are on hand to support your next roofing project.

Case Study

Tweeddale Primary School

The existing traditional roofing tiles were beginning to show signs of failure which was impacting the essential use of the building for students and staff.

Garland UK worked with the school to specify a solution that would resolve the issues, fast. See how the metal system, R-MER TILE ST was used to great effect, eliminating the water ingress issues and delivering the project in just 10 days.