Coedcae Industrial Estate, Technical Fire Damage Specification

Garland Technical Manager

Approved Contractor

  • Bilton & Johnson Building Co, CladRight Industrial Roofing & Cladding

A busy recycling centre in Coedcae Industrial Estate, Pontyclun South Wales, suffered from a crippling fire that destroyed one-third of the building leaving the rest in severe disrepair from fire damage.

Garland Technical Manager, Dale Thomas, was instructed by long-term partner Cushman Wakefield to assess the extent of the damage and secure the optimum waterproofing system to get the warehouse unit returned to its former glory as a hive of activity for the local area.

Dale conducted a thorough condition survey and supplied a detailed written report to the client, highlighting the severity of the building damage and the poor condition of the existing roof sections and walls. Approximately 2,000 sqm were either damaged beyond repair or had fallen into a state of disrepair, meaning that a full refurbishment of all roof and wall sections was required before the optimum waterproofing system could be implemented.

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Coedcae Industrial Estate was a unique project, with many technical and structural hurdles to overcome, so it was an essential requirement for the client that the Garland UK specification was only carried out by a specialist contractor. Following a short tender process, contractors Bilton & Johnson Building Co were appointed to oversee the project and Garland approved contractor CladRight Industrial Roofing & Cladding for the waterproofing system installation.

Before any works could commence, the immediate challenge was the efficient handling of the damaged roof and wall sections, which had to be completely stripped back and removed safely, leaving behind the original steel frame structure. With many of the structural steel supports and purlins suffering from severe damage in the fire, they had to be replaced before work could commence.

It was also an important requirement to ensure that both the bituminous membrane for the entrance porch and metal profile waterproofing system for the roof and cladding elements of the project were readily accessible, to ensure the project did not suffer from any materials delays.

The client did not have to use multiple suppliers on the project, thanks to Garland UK’s diverse waterproofing system offering. With high-performance metal profile, R-MER, and bituminous membrane, StressPly, systems in the range, it meant the project could continue to run smoothly and efficiently without delay.

Once all the existing roofing and cladding had been removed, work commenced on installing the new steel supports ready for the new metal R-MER CLAD system. R-MER CLAD is a profiled metal roofing and cladding system, that is both lightweight and fast to install, available in a wide range of durable, waterproof finishes. New gutters were also installed as part of the rebuild to ensure the system had the best rainwater management and was completely waterproof.

Due to the complexity of the project, Dale was on-site at least twice a week to oversee the project and ensure that all roofing and cladding works were being installed to the correct specification.

On completion, Coedcae Industrial Estate had been completely transformed, turning the charred skeleton of the warehouse unit into a prominent and permanent building.

A 30-year Single-Point Guarantee was issued, to provide complete peace of mind to the client, knowing that the new system was protected for design, system quality and installation workmanship for years to come.

The clients were delighted with the end result, where Garland UK was the right choice to provide the best waterproofing solution and deliver a useable and rentable building once more.