Architectural Manager

The R-MER CLAD system offers lightweight and hardy trapezoidal roofing and wall profile waterproofing solutions. Often used in both refurbishment and new build projects, the system can be installed quickly, in either a single skin or as a twin skin insulated build-up.

R-MER CLAD can be used on roofs with pitches greater than 5 degrees, to allow for adequate drainage. The profile sheet laps feature at both ends, and the sides use butyl seals to ensure a watertight surface, with fixings to the substructure located in the pan of the profile.

A popular system of choice for the industrial sector, R-MER CLAD has become increasingly popular with architects and building designers alike, for its contemporary design in both residential and commercial projects. Other applications of the profiles include tanking houses, capping and coping.


  • 20 year Single-Point Guarantee
  • Simple installation
  • Forward and reverse profiles
  • Wide range of durable finishes


A tailored solution that is specific to your needs. Our Technical Managers work with you, to match your building’s specific requirements with your budget, every step of the way.


R-MER CLAD single skin profiles are the perfect waterproofing system for industrial and warehouse applications, where insulation is not required. An additional Drip-Stop fleece feature can also be installed to prevent the build-up of condensation on the inside of the metal profile.


R-MER CLAD twin-skin profiles are a built-up system, that includes a dense layer of insulation in between the profiles. A bar and bracket system is used to create a void between the inner and outer skin, in which either a profiled rigid or slab installation can be installed, to improve the overall thermal performance of the roof system.

Wall Cladding

All R-MER CLAD profiles offer excellent versatility and can be utilised for both roof and wall cladding applications in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. The wide variety of wall cladding profiles provide efficient, low maintenance options and attractive finishes for industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Colours and finishes

R-MER CLAD profiles are available in a comprehensive range of colours in HP200 Plastisol and Polyester on galvanised steel grade Zig275N. R-MER CLAD profiles are available in wide range of thicknesses to meet the requirements of your project.

Fire Performance

Manufactured from steel, the R-MER CLAD profiles are designated as AA to BS-476 Part 3 and is classed under the European Standard EN 13501-5:2005 at BROOF(t4).

R-MER CLAD rooflights have been fire tested in accordance with BS476 parts 3, 6 and 7 and are offered in three fire retardant grades of SAB class 3, SAA Class 1 and SAA1 Class 0.


R-MER CLAD rooflights are manufactured from high quality glass reinforced polyester (GRP) which provides excellent light pass through whilst diffusing light to spread effective daylight through the space.

The R-MER CLAD rooflights can be used in both single skin and double skin applications including intermediate layers to provide increased insulation in order to comply with current construction legislations.

Project Support

Complex roofing and construction projects always present huge challenges to building owners, surveyors and designers. At Garland UK our team of Technical Managers are on hand to provide expertise and support during all phases of your projects. From initial surveys and feasibility reports to design specifications and installations, we are on hand to support your next roofing project.

Case Study

Coedcae Industrial Estate

Suffering from a crippling fire that destroyed more than a third of a business unit at Coedcae Industrial Estate, Garland UK were appointed as key technical specialists for this challenging R-MER CLAD refurbishment.

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