StressPly Signature

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StressPly Signature is our superior modified bitumen membrane. Formulated with a high percentage of SBS modifiers, StressPly Signature allows for easy application thanks to its low-melt properties and extreme cold bending flexibility, down to temperatures as low as -30°C.

StressPly Signature is suitable for the most demanding of environments.


  • 30 year Single-Point Guarantee
  • BBA Certified
  • Superior tensile strength up to 1200 N/50mm
  • Composite polyester and fibreglass reinforcement
  • Premium thickness membrane for ultimate protection

System Components

Torch Flex Vapour Barrier

Vapour Control Layer (VCL)

Torch Flex Vapour Barrier is an SBS modified metal lined vapour control layer, for torch-on applications. A high-performance membrane that prevents water vapour from entering the waterproofing system, which can lead to the disruptive formation of condensation.

Torch Flex Ultra Vent


Torch Flex Ultra-Vent is a high-performance torch-on base sheet, utilising adhesive strips on the underside to allow for trapped vapour to disperse throughout the roof system; preventing membrane blistering and ensuring the longevity of the system.

StressPly Signature

Mineral Cap Sheet

StressPly Signature is a torch-on cap sheet upper surface that has been finished with mineral slate for added UV protection. The lower face of StressPly Signature is laminated with thermo-fusible polyethylene film, to identify the optimum temperature for application.

Case Study

Stringers Department Store

A familiar presence in the local high street of Lytham, the department store had begun to suffer from a series of leaks, following years of neglect and minimal roof maintenance. The water ingress had started to cause havoc to the stores interior, affecting the points of sale for staff and customers, making the areas less inviting to shop in.

Garland UK was appointed to investigate the water ingress issues being experienced and secure the optimum waterproofing system for a complete roofing refurbishment.

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StressPly Signature Cap
Torch Flex Ultra Vent
Torch Flex Vapour Barrier