Detail Drawings

Complete and precise system details that help

you to specify your project with confidence

Safe2Torch 033 PV Post Waterproofing Section Detail
PDF - 63.27kb
Safe2Torch 032 Overlay Independent Roof Outlet
PDF - 181.45kb
Safe2Torch 031 Internal Gutter To R-MER Capping & Fascia
PDF - 187.42kb
Safe2Torch 030 Upstand To Concrete Panel R MER CLAD Cladding
PDF - 166.38kb
Safe2Torch 029A Parapet Metal Sloped Capping
PDF - 82.48kb
Safe2Torch 029 Parapet Metal Capping
PDF - 217.86kb
Safe2Torch 028 Nicholson S1 Roof Box
PDF - 333.17kb
Safe2Torch 027 Concrete Slab Support For Plant
PDF - 169.57kb
Safe2Torch 026 Remedial Penetration
PDF - 193.11kb
Safe2Torch 025 Roof Top Plant Penetration
PDF - 186.17kb
Safe2Torch 024 Insulated Flue Penetration
PDF - 195.40kb
Safe2Torch 023 Upstand To R MER CLAD Cladding
PDF - 164.31kb
Safe2Torch 022 Valley Pitch Layboard
PDF - 220.59kb
Safe2Torch 021 Warm Roof To Pitched Roof Junction
PDF - 99.84kb
Safe2Torch 020 New To Old Independent Detail
PDF - 112.82kb
Safe2Torch 019 Eaves To Concrete Gutter Drip
PDF - 61.67kb
Safe2Torch 018 Parapet Outlet
PDF - 142.31kb
Safe2Torch 017B Independent Roof Outlet With Cylindrical Grate
PDF - 108.12kb
Safe2Torch 017 Independent Roof Outlet
PDF - 148.01kb
Safe2Torch 016B Independent Cable Duct Penetration
PDF - 134.07kb
Safe2Torch 016A Retrofit Cable Duct Penetration
PDF - 139.75kb
Safe2Torch 015 Upstand To Counter Flashing
PDF - 144.62kb
Safe2Torch 014 Telescopic Vent Pipe
PDF - 153.84kb
Safe2Torch 013 Eaves To Welted Drip
PDF - 134.49kb
Safe2Torch 012 Independent Gutter
PDF - 141.26kb
Safe2Torch 011 Change Of Level
PDF - 153.58kb
Safe2Torch 010 Upstand To Eaves
PDF - 139.46kb
Safe2Torch 009 Flat To Pitch Layboard
PDF - 142.10kb
Safe2Torch 008 Upstand To Cladding
PDF - 146.16kb
Safe2Torch 007 Upstand To Cavity Wall
PDF - 157.55kb
Safe2Torch 006B Upstand To New Cill
PDF - 158.07kb
Safe2Torch 006A Upstand To Existing Cill
PDF - 158.52kb
Safe2Torch 005B Upstand With Kerb To Rooflight
PDF - 157.92kb
Safe2Torch 005A Upstand To Rooflight
PDF - 143.12kb
Safe2Torch 004B Watercheck To Welted Drip R MER Clad
PDF - 126.77kb
Safe2Torch 004B Watercheck To Welted Drip
PDF - 137.56kb
Safe2Torch 004A Watercheck To GRP Edge Trim
PDF - 139.86kb
Safe2Torch 004 Watercheck To GRP Edge Trim
PDF - 139.29kb
Safe2Torch 003E Extended Parapet Upstand Welted Drip
PDF - 151.06kb
Safe2Torch 003E Expansion Joint Asphalt
PDF - 64.60kb
Safe2Torch 003D Boarded Parapet Upstand Metal Capping
PDF - 141.13kb
Safe2Torch 003C Boarded Parapet Upstand Welted Drip
PDF - 138.53kb
Safe2Torch 003B Boarded Parapet Upstand GRP
PDF - 142.66kb
Safe2Torch 003A Boarded Ecapsulated Parapet Upstand
PDF - 143.99kb
Safe2Torch 001 Ventilation Fan
PDF - 137.92kb
R-MER CLAD Built Up Over Roof System Profiled Cement Sheets
PDF - 1,346.95kb
R-MER CLAD Over Roof System
PDF - 506.77kb
R-MER CLAD Built Up Wall System V1
PDF - 1,069.54kb
R-MER CLAD Built Up Roof System
PDF - 1,640.19kb
R-MER TILE Composite Roof System Details
PDF - 668.04kb
R-MER Composite Roof System Details
PDF - 649.60kb
R-MER Composite Wall SF PIR System Hz
PDF - 572.24kb
R-MER LOC Vertical Details
PDF - 855.81kb
R-MER LOC V. Facade Vertical
PDF - 106.04kb
R-MER LOC Q. QBM Titan Tri Bar
PDF - 7,196.43kb
R-MER LOC G. Ventilated Flat Roof
PDF - 5,862.26kb
R-MER LOC E. Double Layer Of Z Profiles With Thermal Isolation Strip
PDF - 8,079.76kb
R-MER LOC D. Rigid Insulation Board With Clip Border Flat Perforated
PDF - 332.44kb
Dura-Coat BUR Vent Housing Upstand
PDF - 51.33kb
Dura-Coat BUR Parapet
PDF - 86.84kb
Dura-Coat BUR Upstand Detail With Fillet
PDF - 94.25kb
Dura-Coat BUR Upstand Detail
PDF - 108.20kb
Dura-Coat BUR Parapet Chute
PDF - 68.62kb
Dura-Coat BUR Rooflight With Kerb
PDF - 92.55kb
Dura-Coat BUR Soil Pipe Detail
PDF - 78.25kb
Dura-Coat BUR Outlet Detail
PDF - 64.04kb
Dura-Coat BUR Drip Detail
PDF - 61.91kb
Dura-Coat BUR Watercheck
PDF - 83.52kb
Dura-Coat Sumped Outlet Detail
PDF - 60.00kb
Dura-Coat BUR Outlet Detail (No Insulation)
PDF - 48.14kb
Dura-Coat BUR Watercheck
PDF - 83.52kb
Dura-Coat Sumped Outlet Detail
PDF - 60.00kb
White Knight Upstand Fillet Section Detail
PDF - 91.13kb
White-Knight Upstand Section Detail
PDF - 85.53kb
White-Knight Parapet Chute Section Detail
PDF - 63.93kb
White-Knight Rooflight Kerb Section Detail
PDF - 89.93kb
White-Knight Soil Pipe Section Detail
PDF - 71.75kb
White-Knight Drip Section Detail
PDF - 58.86kb
White-Knight Watercheck Section Detail
PDF - 77.93kb