R-MER Shield LT

Metal Cladding Facade System

metal wall facade cladding system cassette
R-MER Shield LT system render

Transform your architectural vision into reality with R-MER Shield LT, a beautiful, lightweight, weatherproof facade system that’s 100% recyclable, A1 rated, easy to maintain and fast to install.

The R-MER Shield LT system integrates innovative secret fix aluminium panels with the industry-leading Hilti facade mounting platform for fast and secure installation and ROCKWOOL NyRock® insulation to deliver unrivalled thermal performance to Passivhaus standard.

  • Cladding replacements
  • New build projects
  • Thermal performance upgrades
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Fire Classification

Achieve unmatched safety with
R-MER Shield LT’s A1 fire classification, meeting the highest standards of fire performance.

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Single-Point Guarantee

R-MER Shield LT comes with a
30-year Single-Point Guarantee, ensuring long-lasting performance and peace of mind. Learn more.

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Enabling product circularity,
R-MER Shield LT is constructed from aluminium, which can be completely recycled at the end of its lifespan, with zero waste to landfill.

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Flexible design,
low maintenance

Enjoy unparalleled design flexibility and low-maintenance benefits with R-MER Shield LT. Create your vision without compromising on performance.

Rainscreen Cladding with vent detail

New Build Construction

When it comes to new build construction projects, the R-MER Shield LT metal facade system stands as the pinnacle of innovation, balancing aesthetics, performance and functionality to create beautiful building envelopes.

The unique system offers unmatched quality and time-saving installation speed using the Hilti facade mounting platform, enhancing your building’s thermal performance and curb appeal.

  • Total design freedom
  • Complete technical and design support
  • 30 year Single-Point Guarantee
R-MER Shield LT with glazing and vents

Refurbishment and Cladding Replacement

R-MER Shield LT achieves A1 fire classification, making it the ideal system to replace any failed facade or combustible cladding that does not meet Approved Document B building regulations or fire classification standards. 

The extruded subframe fixes directly into the existing concrete floor slabs and requires fewer fixing brackets and penetrations, significantly minimising disruption to building occupants.

  • Fire Classification A1 rated
  • NyRock® non-combustible insulation
  • No insulation cutting required
Cladding replacement project in progress

Thermal Performance Upgrades

R-MER Shield LT significantly contributes to improved thermal performance of the building, where the inclusion of NyRock® stone wool insulation provides maximum thermal performance from minimal insulation thickness. 

Utilising the high-performance fixing brackets from Hilti, the R-MER Shield LT system prevents heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer to enhance the overall energy efficiency of the building and align seamlessly with sustainable construction practices.

  • Improved u-value
  • Reduce thermal bridging
  • Achieve Passivhaus requirements
large residential building with facade cladding
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Experience the perfect blend of form and function

Cladding profiles showing smooth, macro and micro panels

Crafted from high-grade aluminium, our profile options boast a wide range of customisation possibilities, available in an array of corrosion-resistant and UV-resistant coatings, allowing you to select the perfect finish that complements your building’s environment.

Seamlessly integrating with Hilti’s substructure solutions, R-MER Shield LT is engineered to minimise thermal bridging while creating a rear ventilation void. This innovative design effectively evaporates moisture away from the core building structure, contributing to temperature regulation within the building.

Wide range of colour coated aluminium profiles 

Enhance the visual appeal of your building with R-MER Shield LT’s striking finishes. Our colour coated finishes, available in a wide range of RAL colours, allows for complete creativity. Whether you prefer bold, vibrant hues or subtle, classic tones, our extensive palette ensures that your cladding perfectly complements your architectural design.


cladding RAL colours
Abstract close up of building cladding
Garland UK and Hilti facade system partnership

Garland UK, in partnership with Hilti

Garland UK is proud to collaborate with Hilti, a renowned leader in envelope substructure manufacturing. Together, we deliver expert technical support and first-class facade mounting systems designed specifically for the R-MER Shield LT range.

Both Garland UK and Hilti share a commitment to maintaining high-quality standards and creating long-standing customer relationships. Our aligned technical support and design services guarantee that the R-MER Shield LT system not only meets but surpasses expectations.

Cross section view of R-MER Shield LT system

System Components

R-MER Shield LT is engineered for long-term performance, featuring high-performance insulation and robust weather protection.

The multi-layered system includes a Hilti extruded aluminium facade mounting system, non-combustible insulation and the R-MER Shield LT facade panel.

Hilti rainscreen bracket

1. Brackets

Extensive range of horizontal and vertical brackets to suit all panel types and thermal requirements.

Hilti rail support bracket fasteners for cladding system

1. Bracket Fasteners

Fasteners for various applications, from screw-fixings to SFS or anchoring into masonry or concrete.

Hilti rainscreen bracket

3. Support Rails

L or T rails with a range of fasteners to suit your metal profile design.

hilti fasteners stainless A2

4. Profile Fasteners

Stainless steel A2 fasteners

metal rainscreen cladding panel

5. R-MER Shield LT Panel

Aluminium facade system available in a wide range of dimensions with optional shadow gap for complete aesthetic flexibility.

cladding insulation

6. Insulation

Non-combustible ROCKWOOL NyRock rigid stonewool insulation available in a wide range of thicknesses to suit thermal requirements.

Garland UK & Hilti
A single-source design solution

Our combined technical services provide you with the necessary documentation to support your project. These include thermal and structural calculations, design layout, fixing arrangements and fire safety guidance.

Every project is bespoke, and we’re here to make sure that you receive the highest levels of care and attention. Your Garland Technical Manager will collaborate directly with the Hilti building envelope experts to ensure quality assurance from design to project completion.

  1. Detailed Installation Drawings: Comprehensive elevation installation drawings for ventilated facades featuring essential construction details.

  2. Profile Cutting Efficiency: Practical guidelines to enhance profile-cutting efficiency, minimising material waste and cost.

  3. Full Product Approvals: A comprehensive collection of documented approvals encompassing all Hilti and Garland UK components, including profiles, anchors, fasteners, and DX systems.

  4. Structural Integrity Reports: Leveraging Hilti’s PROFIS facade design software to combine anchor and baseplate calculations, delivering compliant structural design drawings and supporting documentation.

  5. Standardised System Diagrams: Standard design details for the complete R-MER Shield LT system, readily adaptable for project documentation or inclusion in BIM/CAD libraries.

  6. U-Value Analysis: In-depth assessment of the R-MER Shield LT system’s thermal conductivity and heat transfer coefficient U (W/m2K).

Contact your local technical expert to discover more about R-MER Shield