The R-MER LOC standing seam metal roofing system is the ultimate waterproofing technology for your assets.

Manufactured from the highest quality materials, the penetration free profiles have been designed with an innovative sliding slot connection and zip-free seam, providing a long-lasting and reduced maintenance solution for a wide range of waterproofing applications.

The system combines watertight integrity, aesthetic versatility, and intelligent design to meet the widest possible range of functional and aesthetic requirements, delivering optimum results against wind uplift, thermal performance, impact resistance and fire standards; making it one of the most durable and long-lasting options on the market.


  • 30 year Single-Point Guarantee
  • Engineered from steel, zinc, aluminium or copper
  • Wide range of RAL colours and finishes
  • Innovative zip-free seam
  • Rapid installation

Architectural freedom

The R-MER LOC standing seam system provides the perfect solution for a wide range of applications. From functional buildings for the commercial industry, modern residential projects to truly unique architectural designs, R-MER LOC enables designers to turn their vision into reality.

Sliding Clip feature

R-MER LOC benefits from a sliding clip feature, removing the time-consuming requirement for installers to layout individual clips for precise measurements and alignment. The sliding clip feature does it all for you, speeding up the overall installation process, efficiently.

Unique zip-free installation

R-MER LOC seams feature a unique zip-free design, eliminating the need to mechanically crimp the seams of each panel. This innovation leads to rapid installation whilst allowing for expansion and contraction of the roof system without creasing or buckling of the panels.

Rigid Insulation

Rigid insulation is a great way to increase the thermal performance of your building and to ensure thermal regulations are met. Rigid insulation provides an excellent thermal performance to thickness ratio and avoids large build-up heights when compared with rolled insulation.

Another benefit of rigid insulation over rolled insulation, rigid insulation allows for R-MER LOC clips to be directly mounted through the board into the deck below and also fully supports the system, essential for lightweight 0.7mm R-MER LOC profiles.

System components

Directional Clips

An integral part of every R-MER System, directional clips holds each sheet together, whilst securely fastening the metal profile to the sub-structure. This allows for thermal expansion amongst the sheets, which prevents oil canning

Suspended Profiles

The suspended profiles are the means for providing support and rigidity to the detailed areas of the system. They can be installed at the hips, verges and ridges to provide support and fixing points for the flashings, along with holding the profiled fillers in place

R-MER LOC Profile

Available in 333, 400, 500 and 600mm widths, the profile sheets can be used in many architectural applications thanks to the customisable tapered and curved shapes that can be created. Available in up to 13m legnths or even roll formed on site

Project Support

Complex roofing and construction projects always present huge challenges to building owners, surveyors and designers. At Garland UK our team of Technical Managers are on hand to provide expertise and support during all phases of your projects. From initial surveys and feasibility reports to design specifications and installations, we are on hand to support your next roofing project.

Case Study

Alderley Park Technology Centre

Formerly the home of AstraZeneca, Alderley Park is a world-leading life science and innovation campus situated across 93,000 sqm on the outskirts of Manchester city centre.

See how the R-MER LOC system was designed and installed, to create the largest triple pitched standing seam roof in the UK

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