Architectural Manager

We offer a range of composite panel systems for both wall and roof applications, available with either PIR or mineral wool insulation in a wide range of thicknesses to suit your required thermal performance.


  • 20 year Single-Point Guarantee
  • Suitable for roof and wall applications
  • Range of insulation thicknesses for ultimate thermal performance
  • Multiple profile options for maximum design flexibility

Composite Roof System

The R-MER COMP ROOF panel system is a versatile external waterproofing solution suitable for all types of use including industrial, agricultural and residential.

The trapezoidal outer sheet allows for external services, such as photovoltaic systems, to be installed without compromising the performance of the system. R-MER COMP is available in a wide range of thicknesses to meet your u-value requirements and in continuous lengths of up to 13m.

The R-MER COMP Panel LPCB certified trapezoidal insulated roof panel can be used for pitched roofs, horizontal and vertical wall application and an external insulated cladding panel for industrial commercial and public buildings. Due to its metal inner and outer sheet, it combines thermal resistance with large spans. The minimum pitch to be applied is 4° or more after deflection.

Fire Performance

The external and internal faces of the panel are Class 0 in accordance with the Building Regulations when tested to BS476: Parts 6: 1989 and Part 7: 1987. The R-MER Composite Roof panel has a LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board EXT-B Grade for 40-150 mm core thickness.


A full range of accessories are available to compliment your R-MER COMP Roof project including rooflights, flashings, foam profile fillers, mastic, sealants and adhesives.

Composite Wall System

The complete range of R-MER Composite Wall SF panels offer complete design flexibility with a wide range of profiles and finished to suit any new build, restoration or refurbishment project.

The panels unique secret fix jointing method makes the system perfect for cold storage and agricultural application whilst the high thermal properties provide insulation for residential and commercial properties. The design allows for limitless application from external walls to internal finishes and even ceiling construction.

Joint Detail

The unique Composite Wall SF panel comes supplied with internal seal in the side lap. In some cases, additional seals can be installed to provide further protection. The R-MER Composite Wall SF panels come with factory applied seal in the side lap as shown below.

Multiple profiles to choose from

Composite Tile System

The R-MER TILE Composite panel offers a fully PIR insulated tile combining the aesthetics of traditional tiles with the high-performance thermal properties of a PIR insulated roofing panel. Suitable for domestic, agricultural and commercial applications with a minimum pitch of 8°.


  • Integrated PIR insulation, varying thickness from 40-120mm
  • Green Guide A+ rating (BRE Global, the Green Guide to Specification)
  • Systems compatible with photovoltaic systems

R-MER TILE Composite Thermal Performance

U-values are calculated in accordance with the method required by Part L2 (England and Wales) Building Regulations and Section 6 (Scotland) Technical Handbooks.

PIR Insulation Core thickness (mm)
Overall thickness (mm)
U-Value (W/m2K)
Weight (kg/m2)

Project Support

Complex roofing and construction projects always present huge challenges to building owners, surveyors and designers. At Garland UK our team of Technical Managers are on hand to provide expertise and support during all phases of your projects. From initial surveys and feasibility reports to design specifications and installations, we are on hand to support your next roofing project.

Contact your local Technical Manager to discover more about R-MER COMP