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Liqui-Zero is an odourless two-component liquid waterproofing membrane made with zero solvents, specifically designed for application in sensitive environments.

  • 20 year Single-Point Guarantee
  • Zero-flame application 
  • Odourless
  • Solvent-free
  • High tensile strength


Liqui-Zero is a quick-curing and durable cold-applied liquid system that provides a monolithic waterproofing barrier with flexible and long-lasting protection. 

The polyurea coating is designed with a zero Volatile Organic Content (VOC) formula, which prevents typical disruptions to the day-to-day operations of sites where odours can be hazardous or a nuisance, such as healthcare, education, food manufacturing or laboratory settings.

System Components

Liqui-Zero Primer

Substrate primer that is zero solvent and zero odour. Suitable for all substrates except PVC, the primer is formed of an A + B component that is pre-weighed for time-efficient application, with curing times in as little as 1-2 hours.

Liqui-Zero Membrane

A reinforced membrane that is zero solvent and zero odour. Formed of two pre-weighed components A+B (polyurea and catalyst), allowing swift wet-on-wet application between the reinforcement layer. Available in RAL 7011.


Soft grip polyester reinforcement, laid in the direction of the roll to guarantee a smooth and uniform finish, is achieved with the Liqui-Zero Top coat.

Liqui-Zero Top Coat 

An elastic top coat that is zero solvent and zero odour. Suitable for low-traffic areas, the top coat component is a single-component aliphatic polyurethane, providing a UV protection layer to shield the membrane underneath. Available in RAL 7040 to further minimise UV degradation.


Liqui-Zero is ideally suited for refurbishment and replacement projects and can be applied by roller or brush, making its application highly versatile to suit individual project requirements. In addition, Liqui-Zero can be used for New-Build projects, particularly for extensions to an existing building. 


Sensitive Environments

Specified in sensitive environments such as schools or hospitals, Liqui-Zero’s zero solvent and zero odour formula can be applied underneath rooftop plant equipment safely, ensuring air handling equipment remains fully operational without affecting the occupant’s use of a building.

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