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The Dura-Coat cold applied liquid waterproofing system provides a fast curing elastic solution for a wide range of applications.

Based on unique polyurethane modified methyl-methacrylate (MMA) resins allows for quick installation in as little as 30 minutes, even in temperatures as low as 0°C.

This highly versatile system is suitable for use on a wide variety of decks including concrete, asphalt, metal, wood and existing liquid applied systems.

  • 20 year Single-Point Guarantee
  • Highly resistant to UV damage and temperature variations
  • Unique PUMMA technology provides high elasticity and crack-bridging properties

System Components

Top Coat

Dura-Systems Top Coat is a reactive solvent-free, low-viscosity, virtually non-yellowing 2-component methacrylic resin offering excellent resistance to water interaction. It serves primarily as a slightly elasticised and un-pigmented Top Coat on sprinkled coatings in wet areas.

Membrane Thix

The Dura System membrane is a polyurethane modified, thixotropic methacrylate resin system that is suitable for creating watertight membranes on a wide variety of substrates. The Membrane can also be used for coating both rising or steep inclining surfaces.


A range of Dura-System primers are available to treat and prepare various surfaces and roof deck materials, ensuring a strong and watertight adhesion to the liquid membrane.

Dura-Coat is the perfect solution for complex roof structures with multiple details and penetrations, making it a popular system of choice to restore failed roof systems with a fresh, watertight coating.

Dura-Coat is often used in conjunction with bituminous membrane or metal profile projects, as it is ideally suited for sealing the more awkward detailed areas such as upstands and ventilation points.

The system is available in light and dark grey as standard with the option to add a colour pigment, to create a unique waterproofing solution and match existing roof systems, such as weathered copper.

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