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A detailed roof condition survey will provide you with clear data and imagery to help you make an informed decision for your roofing project.

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Mitigate unexpected issues before any critical issues occur with roofing expertise trusted by thousands of specifiers, nationwide

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A detailed condition report provides you with analysis and advice on the best course of action to safeguard your roofing assets

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A comprehensive roof survey can identify potential issues before they develop and cause interruption to you business operations

Un-biased Independent Surveys

Our Technical Managers provide professional, free roof condition surveys as part of our industry-leading service.

Conducting a roof survey regularly will ensure that any roof degradation or underlying system damage is discovered early on, protecting the integrity of your roof assets before any major problems arise.

Your Technical Manager will assess your building’s waterproofing performance to ensure it is functioning as intended, if there is a serious risk of imminent failure, or if the system has come to the end of its natural life.

What happens in a roof survey?

Your Technical Manager will assess the condition of your roof and provide a comprehensive report and photographic evidence of their findings. As part of the survey we can provide you with:

  • Roof lifespan assessment
  • Roofing defects analysis
  • U-value calculations
  • Core sampling
  • Nuclear Moisture mapping
  • Drone surveys

What types of roof are suitable for roof survey?

A commercial roof survey and inspection should be carried out every few years alongside your regular annual roof maintenance to keep a close eye on the overall performance of the building’s roofing systems. 

We specialise in all forms of commercial building envelope systems, including flat roofs, pitched roofs, liquid roofing systems, metal systems and green roofing.

Roof survey results

Eliminate Disruption to Business Operations

Roof surveys can protect your investment and maximise the service life of the roof system, avoiding any unnecessary disruption to the day-to-day running of the business.

In some instances, an issue may have already been established, such as a failed single-ply roof membrane, asbestos roof encapsulation requirement or water ingress issues, which means an up-to-date roofing survey will ensure that your building’s roof assets are expertly investigated in its most current condition, to guarantee that the optimum waterproofing solution is specified.

Issues commonly identified through a commercial roof survey

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We have developed a great working partnership with Garland UK, where their expert technical advice, budget management and range of systems have given us tailored solutions across our diverse portfolio of building assets.

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Commercial Roof Survey FAQs

Here we have addressed some of the most common queries we receive regarding the process, benefits, and outcomes of our comprehensive roof surveys.

If you have additional questions that aren’t covered , please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

Is it worth getting a roof survey?

Yes. A commercial roof survey is an essential step in maintaining the safety, integrity, and longevity of your building. These surveys provide valuable insights into the current condition of your roof and can identify potential issues before they become major, costly problems. Apart from minimising safety and financial risks, completed roof surveys provide solid data for planning budgets, allocating resources, and forecasting future business operations. With Garland UK’s comprehensive roof investigations, gaining insights into your roofing system is a worry-free process thanks to our years of expertise and PartnerCare Pledge to our customers

What does a roof survey include?

A commercial roof survey is a comprehensive assessment of your roofing system conducted by a Technical Manager at Garland UK. It includes thoroughly inspecting the roof’s condition and identifying any signs of damage, leaks, or other issues. Advanced tools and techniques are used to gather data and assess the performance of the roof. Additionally, a commercial roof survey may include nuclear moisture mapping to ascertain pockets of water held beneath the roof surface. A detailed report outlining the findings, recommendations, and photographic evidence. Potential repair or maintenance needs will be supplied so you can gain peace of mind and make informed decisions to protect your building.

How much does a roof survey cost?

A roof survey from Garland UK is included in our service to all our customers. By focusing on delivering outstanding practical support alongside manufacturing the widest range of systems in the industry, we provide unbiased product guidance, manage project delivery and leverage the unique expertise of our technical team. We are the only systems supplier in the UK to embed an ‘always on’ expert into our customers’ businesses as part of our PartnerCare Pledge.

Do I need a roof survey for solar panels?

Yes, a roof condition survey is highly recommended before installing solar panels on your commercial building. This is because the condition and suitability of your roof will play a crucial role in the effectiveness and efficiency of your solar panel installation. A roof survey will assess the structural integrity of your roof, identify any potential hazards, and evaluate its ability to support the added weight of solar panels. Additionally, the survey can help determine the optimal placement and positioning of the panels for maximum sunlight exposure. By conducting a roof survey, you can ensure a successful solar panel installation and maximise the benefits of renewable energy for your business.

How to repair a damaged roof?

When it comes to repairing a damaged roof, it is crucial to seek professional assistance from roofing experts like Garland UK. Our team of experienced Technical Managers can assess the extent of the damage and provide a tailored solution to restore your roof’s integrity. Garland UK manufacture one of the most diverse ranges of waterproofing systems in the industry, including bituminous membranes, cold-applied liquid coatings, standing seam metal, metal facades and green and blue roofing systems. We will only recommend the right solution for the project rather than making the need fit the system we sell.

Do roofs come with a guarantee?

Garland UK provides best-in-class up to 30 year Single-Point Guarantees on the waterproofing system, the workmanship and the installation – covering everything from the product to how we manage the installation with our network of Approved Contractors and after-care programme.

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