Condition Improvement Fund (CIF)

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Architectural Manager

With your dedicated Technical Manager, you have access to industry-leading technical expertise that removes the stress from your roofing projects.

As a partner for the life of your building, your Technical Manager will work tirelessly to provide expert advice and support services that will mitigate any risks associated with your asset, using high-performance waterproofing systems that protect your investment for the future.

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Successful projects

In recent years of CIF applications, it has been clear that the EFA has been pushing for Academies and Trusts to take better ownership of the condition of their education estates and effectively manage their asset plan for the future.

Our exceptional track record is supported by the relationships we have developed with our clients, where we consistently urge education estates to start thinking early about the next CIF round, as early as possible.

Unfortunately, many bids can be rejected on the grounds that there was a lack of cost certainty and project planning, which is why starting early is an essential part of the process of securing the success of your next bid.

To start your Condition Improvement Fund bid application contact your local Technical Manager

What is the Condition Improvement Fund?

The Condition Improvement Fund is an annual bidding round for academies and sixth-form colleges to apply for capital funding. The main function of the fund is to address health and safety issues, building compliance and poor building condition. Successful projects are those that are able to demonstrate the urgency of the project whilst aligning with the priorities as set by the Education Funding Agency (EFA).

Who can apply?

If your school or college meets one of the below criteria then you are entitled to submit up to 2 projects per round of the Condition Improvement Fund.

  • Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) with less than 5 academies
  • Single Academy Trusts
  • Sixth Form Colleges

How we can improve your chances of success

We support and successfully secure CIF applications at our own risk, with all fees for the project included in the bid.

Garland UK can put together an effective Roof Asset Management Plan to manage the trust’s roofing assets and best utilise SCA funding to tackle the roofs in a methodical and manageable way. This involves a free condition survey across your sites using all the tools necessary to gauge the condition of each roof section on each property


Your local Technical Manager has the tried and tested expertise to support your CIF bid and as your dedicated point of contact, you can expect to receive:

  • High-quality waterproofing systems supported with our Single-Point Guarantee
  • Bid writing & funding stream support
  • Industry-leading technical expertise
  • Project management with weekly site visits

Free Roof Condition Survey

Our Technical Managers provide free roof condition surveys to help our clients understand the scope of works that may be required for the CIF bid application.

Your Technical Manager will assess your building’s waterproofing performance to make sure it is functioning as intended, if there is a serious risk of imminent failure, or the system has come to the end of its natural life. The robust report will provide you with the detailed information you need to clearly outline and prove the extent of works your estates require for your CIF application.

During the visit, the Technical Manager will:

  • Understand your building challenges and requirements
  • Document and record any defects, water ingress or system issues 
  • Carry out U-Value calculations to identify the operational thermal performance 
  • Conduct a core sample to determine the roof build-up 
  • Locate ingress issues (if relevant)


Book your Free Roof Condition Survey

Sustainable Roofing Systems

The way in which buildings create and consume energy can have a significant environmental impact. At Garland UK we specialise in offering Solarise, our solar PV panel systems that help education facilities save money on operational costs and reduce the carbon output of the building. 

With an average return on investment in as little as 5 years, your dedicated Technical Manager will carefully asses the project viability, carbon reduction and yield capabilities of a Solarise PV panel installation, to provide a clear view on achievable results for your CIF bid.

Information for Applicants

The Condition Improvement Fund aims to ensure that schools are able to maintain teaching environments, of which roofing systems are of key importance. For many, the CIF application process can seem daunting however, the Department for Education releases comprehensive information for applicants which is a great place to start for those considering this source of funding.

Garland’s team of Technical Managers have extensive experience working within the education sector and are on hand to provide you with all of the required supporting documents to maximise your chance of success.

Corfe Hills StressPly Flex roof, with detailed workmanship around the rooflight penetrations
Case Study

Corfe Hills School

South West Technical Manager, Paul Boole, worked closely with the client to help secure a staggering 7,260m2 roof refurbishment project for Corfe Hills School, as part of their Condition Improvement Fund bid.

Garland’s diverse range of systems allowed for a combination of waterproofing products to be specified across the site, providing the best solution for the client. Paul utilised a mix of StressPly bituminous membranes, R-MER CLAD metal profile and Dura-Coat cold applied liquid.

Our waterproofing systems not only keep schools, hospitals and public buildings dry, but we work hard to develop quality relationships with customers and ultimately, keep delivering better environments for the communities that they serve.

Tim Jones, Managing Director, Garland UK