Garland Standing Seam metal roof CPD

Specially tailored to specifiers and surveyors, Garland UK proudly launches the newly RIBA-accredited CPD ‘Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems: Design & Specification’, providing a detailed view of how metal standing seam roofing works and how these systems can be fully utilised for optimum results depending on your project needs.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems are the most robust, durable and design-friendly of all the metal roof systems and have distinct advantages over the other metal roof systems. The main advantage is the weatherproofing sheet, which does not need to be fixed using a penetrative fixing to attach the sheet to the sub-frame. This means there are no penetrations in the weathering sheet for water to enter the building.

Manufactured with a wide range of materials and finishes, the standing seam metal roofing options available are almost endless, with the ability to meet most budgets and performance requirements.


Design & Specification

The ‘Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems: Design & Specification’ CPD has been designed to ensure specifiers feel confident in ensuring the optimum system for their projects, sharing the latest innovations in metal waterproofing technology and what should be considered in a standing seam metal system specification.

Delving into a range of applications, including overclad and full roof replacement, the CPD showcases a series of real-life projects from across the UK, highlighting the design and specification process through to project delivery.

Overcoming Challenges

Specifiers will be given clear guidance on the challenges and capabilities of standing seam design and how to overcome them, including fire safety, acoustic and thermal performance, structural load and sustainable design.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems: design Considerations & Specification

Are you looking for your next CPD booking? This session will provide a masterclass in metal standing seam systems, sharing insights for specifiers to maximise roof design opportunities and ensure the correct system is utilised for the right application. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • An introduction to the typical metal roofing options available on the market
  • A detailed look into traditional standing seam roofing and modern standing seam systems
  • Standing seam opportunities, including green roofs and solar PV
  • The challenges, design considerations and capabilities of standing seam systems
  • The significant sustainability benefits that can be achieved