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With your dedicated Technical Manager, you have access to industry-leading technical expertise that removes the stress out of a roofing project.

As a partner for the life of your building, your Technical Manager will work tirelessly to provide expert advice and support services that will mitigate any risks associated with your asset, using high-performance waterproofing systems that protect your investment for the future.

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When should I arrange a roof survey?

A commercial roof survey and inspection should be carried out every few years alongside your regular annual roof maintenance, to keep a close eye on the overall performance of the building’s roofing systems. We specialise in all forms of building envelope systems, including flat roofs, pitched roofs, liquid roofing systems, metal systems and green roofing.

In some instances an issue may have already been established, such as a failed single-ply roof membrane, asbestos roof encapsulation requirement or water ingress issues, which means an up to date roofing survey will ensure that your building’s roof assets are expertly investigated in its most current condition, to guarantee that the optimum waterproofing solution is specified.

Free Roof Condition Survey

Our Technical Managers provide provesional free roof condition surveys as part of our market-leading service.

Conducting a roof survey regularly will ensure that any roof degradation or underlying system damage is discovered early on, protecting the integrity of your roof assets before any major problems arise.

Your Technical Manager will assess your building’s waterproofing performance to make sure it is functioning as intended, if there is a serious risk of imminent failure, or if the system has come to the end of its natural life.

During the free roof survey, your roofing expert will:

  • Understand your building challenges and requirements
  • Document and record any defects, water ingress or system issues 
  • Carry out U-Value calculations to identify the operational thermal performance 
  • Conduct a core sample to determine the roof build-up 

As part of your roof condition survey, your Technical Manager will provide a robust report of their findings, including detailed technical assessment and photographic evidence all of which will support your bespoke waterproofing specification. 


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We are the only roofing systems supplier in the UK to provide our customers with a 24/7 single-point of contact for all of your technical support, advice and specification requirements.

Providing everything you need under one roof, your dedicated Technical Manager will work closely with you to determine your specific project and building needs and ensure your project is successfully delivered on time and on budget.

Our mission is to continuously raise the standards in the roofing industry, sharing our specialist expertise and knowledge with our clients every step of the way.

The detailed commercial roof survey and inspection reports produced by Garland UK were instrumental in the success of the project, working collaboratively together across the 2 phases, it has been a real team effort and we’re delighted with the end results for our client.

Matt Taylor, Director, Cunningham Taylor

Taking the unknowns out of your roofing projects

As a partner for the life of your building, our Technical Managers work tirelessly to provide expert advice and support services that will mitigate any risks associated with your asset and protect your investment for the future, at no additional cost to you.

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